AI journal entry and would you rather.

Technology impacts our lives in very many ways. the coolest way it impacted my life was, being able to go to a technology based school. I think that it is awesome that I can go to a school that can really focus on technology and things that interest me. I never thought a school like this would become a real thing. Bio-med can help people become and stay interested in science and engineering, I can help people who use different ways to teach and learn. some harmful technology is, unsecured networks, people can hack into them and then access all of the information on your device. there re many other instances of where technology is harmful but not meant to be. technology has had it’s ups and downs. sometimes technology is more harmful than helpful, but that happens sometimes.

would you rather have a machine that can solve any problem but can’t show you the steps to solve it, or a machine that can show you all of the steps but can only solve certain math problems? I personally would have the one that can show me all of the steps because It would help me figure out how to solve the problem on my own next time. It really depends on what you need the machine for, if the question is just asking for answers the first idea would be good, but if it’s asking for steps or how you solved it being able to see the steps would really help. each machine has a different purpose, even if you don’t realize it. (by the way the fist machine is just a calculator) you can use each machine in a different way. AI is just the beginning these possibilities are endless.